Monday, October 8, 2007

iPhone Cons

People think HAVING an iPhone looks cool. Uhm.. Yes, in some cases like the wifi! But some of the features are either not-so-useful, hard to use or not user friendly. Or.... it's just me. I'll list down some of those:

1) Keyboard is hard to use. That means it is harder to send an SMS on the road!
2) I can't send photos via Bluetooth. I haven't tried using it. I might be wrong but I think Bluetooth are just for receiving stuff and for Bluetooth headset. But we'll never know..
3) It's hard to type (blog/send messages) in Tagalog because it suggests words and replaces the similar words in English.
4) Safari is crashing most of the time!
5) iPhone hangs sometimes. One case I've experienced was when the network is messed up. What I can only do is wait for the battery to run out. It's not like an ordinary phone that I can just remove the battery to reset.
6) No wrist strap for iPhone. Aww...
7) No IM on the iPhone. I'm a messenger addict but I can't find any messenger for iPhone. I can't use Gtalk. You need flash to use the Google Talk widget, and there's no support for flash on the iPhone. Meebo is so slow. Other messengers are hard to use.
8) No copy and paste yet. Concept pa lang.
9) No right click either.

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